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Five top trails in Durangaldea


The mountain landscape of Durangaldea contains endless places to discover and spectacular sights to take in, and there’s no shortage of great trails to choose from. Some enable you to walk the length and breadth of Durangaldea, while other shorter routes take you to sites of special interest.

1. Route GR 229 Mikeldi

Length: 8-17 km, depending on the stage
Time: 3-5 hours, depending on the stage
Difficulty: Easy

Mikeldi GR 229 ibilbidea

Mikeldi GR 229 is an 86-km circular route that can be tackled in five stages:

  1. Durango – Atxondo: 17 km – 4/5 hours
  2. Atxondo – Berriz: 8.5 km – 3 hours
  3. Berriz – Garai: 15 km – 4/5 hours
  4. Garai – Amorebieta-Etxano: 16.5 km – 4/5 hours
  5. Amorebieta-Etxano – Durango: 17 km – 4/5 hours

This hike explores the prettiest municipalities and districts of the region and shows you the countryside as well as local country houses, Medieval roads, tower houses and more, all without too much exertion. Each stage reveals some of the various places in our region that are steeped in legend.


None of the stages is particularly challenging, but you should take the usual basic precautions before any outing to the countryside: wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the season and bring enough food and water.

2. Arrazola green way

Length: 10 km
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Mikeldi ibilbidea - GR 229

This hike follows the length of the old Durango to Arrazola railroad. It’s a very peaceful route through captivating scenery surrounded by the hills Alluitz, Larrano and Anboto. There are plenty of places to rest along the way, and you’ll pass one of the oldest country houses in Biscay, which bears an inscription from 1509.


It’s a great hike for families. It’s not particularly challenging and there are places to eat and drink.

3. Urkiola to Anboto

Length: 10.9 km

Time: 3 hours

Difficulty: medium

Urkiolatik Anbotora

Anboto is the highest peak in the Urkiola Natural Park. Spectacular scenery awaits, and there’s no need to hike all the way to the top to enjoy it. The climb to the peak can be tackled in three shorter stages, each of which is an excursion in its own right: Urkiola-Asuntze; Asuntze-Pagozelai; and Pagozelai-Anboto summit.

The area near the summit can be dangerous in bad weather. Take extra care and carefully plan your route and how far you want to go. Dress for the weather, wear non-slip boots and take trekking poles. And don’t forget to pack enough food and water!

4. Zaldi Gorri horseback route

Longitud: 90 km
Duración: según el ritmo de cada cual
Dificultad: fácil


Length: 90 km

Duración: depends on your pace

Difficulty: easy

zaldi irteerak durangaldea

The three-stage Zaldi Gorri circular horseback route shows you the entire Durangaldea region and all its municipalities:

1. Amorebieta-Etxano – Elorrio
2. Elorrio – Urkiola
3. Urkola – Amorebieta-Etxano

The average altitude along the route is between 200 and 300 m. You’ll ride through rural areas and avoid surfaced roads.

The route is not challenging and is a chance to enjoy the landscape and the impressive natural environment.


The route is not guided but it’s fully waymarked with info panels, QR codes and arrows, etc. It’s easy to follow, and the feeding areas for the animals – as well as establishments where both rider and horse can rest and refuel – are well signposted.

5. GR 38 wine and fish trail

Length: 20 km (5th stage) / 27 km (6th stage)

Time: 5 hours (5th stage) / 6 hours (6th stage)

Difficulty: easy

Ardoa eta Arrrainaren ibilbidea. GR 38

Ardoa eta Arrrainaren ibilbidea. GR 38

The wine and fish trail is an ancient trade route linking the Rioja Alavesa vineyards with the sea at Bermeo. Once used by mule drivers, it still preserves the essence of the winemaking tradition and fishing trade of old times. Durango was an important trade hub along the route, hence why stages 5 and 6 pass through parts of the wider region.

5th stage: Otxandio – Durango

This trail begins in Otxandio and crosses the Urkiola Natural Park to reach Durango through Mañaria and Izurtza.

6th stage: Durango – Gernika

This stage takes you from Durango to the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve through Garai and Berriz. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the well-known Goiuria district and the Momoitio necropolis.

In Durangaldea, you have two options: hike to Bermeo or Gernika on the road to Busturialdea; or hike to Lekeitio or Ondarroa on the road to Lea-Artibai.

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