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Durangaldea ezagutu izaera

In Durangaldea, Bizkaia, we are surrounded by mountains and culture; they are part of our very essence.

Nestled in the heart of the Basque mountains, the region is one of the best showcases for the traditional lifestyle and customs of Bizkaia, and is 100% Basque-speaking. In our region you will have the opportunity to taste our delicious cuisine, enjoy unique experiences and immerse yourself in Basque mythology.

Come and get to know our valley! Come and get to know Durangaldea!

Places with their own special charm

  • 01: Argiñeta cemetery (Elorrio)
  • 02:Landaederra (Durango)
  • 03:The Sarria neighbourhood (Berriz)
  • 04:The Axpe neighbourhood (Atxondo)
  • 05:Etxaburu House-Tower (Izurtza)