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Anboto is the highest peak in the Urkiola Park (1331) and, at the same time, one of the most legendary mountains in the Basque Country. The route from Urkiola to Anboto allows you to enjoy stunning landscapes and the diversity of nature, in a gradual way. It is not necessary to go to the end, because the intermediate goals are also attractive and, as you walk, you can decide in the moment how far you will go, depending on your strength or desire. Therefore, it is a unique excursion for family or friends.

The summit itself can be dangerous in bad weather, so we need to think carefully about when, how and how far we want to go.

The mountain landscape and experience, in most places, changes a lot according to the weather and the seasons, but this change is more evident than anywhere else on this route: the sun, the fog, the snow… completely change the experience, so it’s worth trying the excursion at different times and conditions.


3 hour excursion. From Urkiola to Anboto and back the same way.
Without doing the whole thing, you can shorten it and make an interesting excursion of one hour or two hours.


Medium. The first two stages are easy. The last one is more difficult.

From Urkiola to Anboto, stage by stage

Starting from Urkiola, we can make the climb to Anbotora in three stages and we can consider each of them as a goal.


We will start the route from the parking lot after the Sanctuary of Urkiola. There are two options, take the track that goes to the right, or go up the fields on the left. The track on the right is much flatter and more tender, but not spectacular. If you take the left pass, up into the meadows, you will have to climb some slopes, but the scenery is stunning. Rocks, cliffs, distant mountains… it looks like a movie set. After going up and down Urkiolagire, we will reach Asuntez. This place is also called Pol-pol, because of the spring there. You will find iron-like cold water there, even on the hottest summer day.


Several interesting routes can be taken from Asunción. If you decide to continue towards Anboto, we will continue along the slope of the rock to the right. After passing under ancient quarries and over a hostel, we will reach Pagozelai and continue until we find the signs that mark the way to the top.


We will go up the beech tree following the signs. Even for those who do not intend to reach the summit, it is an interesting experience to climb the landscape created by the rocks and beech trees. When the ground is wet, be careful in this area, especially downhill. Leaving Pagadi, we will reach the top of Urkullu. From there we can continue to the right to the summit. The last part can be dangerous for the dizzy and, when the ground is wet, for anyone, so take the last steps with great care.


We will return by the same route but, if we want to make it shorter, from Asunción, instead of going up to Urkiolagi, we can take the track that goes to the left, to reach the Sanctuary of Urkiola along the slope of the hill.

Other ways to get to Anboto

The route from Urkiola to Anboto presented here is the most flexible option to climb Anboto, due to the possibilities it offers, and is the most suitable for families or occasional walkers. But there are also other interesting ways to climb Anbota.

  • From Larrano (5 and a half pages)
  • From Zabalandi (3 and a half pages)
  • From Arrazola by the normal route north (4 and a half pages)
  • From Arrazola to Zalandi (3 pages)
  • From the bottom to the top (4 pages)
  • From Atxarte to Asuntze (2 and a half pages)
    From the Aramaic (3 pages)
    Damie from Anbot (4 pages)

To be carried

– Clothing: T-shirt, sweater, raincoat, weather-appropriate hiking pants and good socks.
– Shoes: mountain boots that don’t slip, especially when the ground is wet.
– Sticks: they are convenient to use for the last part of the climb, and also for the descent, to walk more easily.
– Hat: for sun or rain.
– Sun cream (especially in summer)
– Food: nuts, fruit, chocolate
– Knife: it will always be useful.
– Water: Don’t forget!

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