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08. Mount Oiz


Right in the heart of Bizkaia

Located right in the centre of Bizkaia, Oiz is a mountain of great historical importance, since it was here that the Bizkaia Parliament would meet. Its summit can easily be seen throughout Durangaldea, and its wind farm has turned it into a symbol of the province.

Oiz is steeped in mythology, since alongside Mount Anboto, it is believed to be the dwelling place of the goddess Mari.


Balcony of Bizkaia

The climb up to the top of Mount Oiz affords spectacular views over the local area, with Durangaldea on one side and the Lea-Artibai region on the other. On clear days you can even see the sea.


Oiz throughout history

The history of Mount Oiz dates back to prehistoric times. Its slopes contain many groups of dolmens and burial mounds, a testament to the presence of the shepherds who looked after their livestock on the mountainside in ancient times. Little by little, our ancestors came down the mountain and started building structures on the lower slopes, such as San Juan de Momoitio in Garai.

Oiz is one of the five mountains from which the Bizkaia General Assemblies were called during the Middle Ages. From its summit, the assemblies were called by lighting fires and sounding a horn.

How to climb Oiz from Durangaldea: from Garai, from Berriz and from Mallabia.


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