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Wine and Fish Trail GR 38


167 kilometres


42 hours

Difficulty level:




The Wine and Fish Trail is an old trade route that links Rioja Alavesa with the ports in the Bay of Biscay. One of the most prominent waypoints on the route was the town of Durango, where many different products were exchanged, including wine from Rioja Alavesa and salted fish from the port of Bermeo.

Stages 5 and 6 pass through different areas of Durangaldea.

General information about the trail (PDF)

Stage 5: Otxandio-Durango

Length: 20 km / Duration: 5 hours

Starting from Otxandio, the route heads towards the Urkiola Nature Reserve.

Passing by the Urkiola Sanctuary and its three crosses, it offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. It then continues on through the rural landscape of Mañaria, before ending up in Durango, at San Pedro de Tabira Church. This part of the trail crosses the Urkiola Nature Reserve. Once through the reserve, it continues on to Mañaria and Izurtza, until finally arriving in Durango.

Profile of the stage (PDF)Download GPX

Stage 6: Durango-Gernika

Length: 27.4 km / Duration: 6 hours

Passing through the rural areas and low hills of Durangaldea, this route takes you right up to the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. In Durangaldea, it passes through Durango, Iurreta, Garai and Berriz, before arriving at Maume, in Busturialdea, and then continuing on to Gernika and Bermeo.

It passes through the famous Goiuria neighbourhood, as well as Iurreta, the Momoitio Cemetery and Garai, before reaching the summit of Askakurtze, which affords a beautiful view over Gernika. From there, it follows the slope down to Gernika, where the trail ends.

You can choose to take the road to Busturialdea, towards either Bermeo or Gernika; or you can head towards Lea-Artibai, until you reach the ports of Lekeitio or Ondarroa (this is the Lea trail).

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