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Iurreta is a town full of tradition. The town centre is divided into two areas, one in direct contact with Durango, and the other located on the other side of the road. The town has a rich rural culture and is well-known for the high level of collaboration that exists between residents.

Iurreta is located in the eastern part of Durangaldea, in the Ibaizabal Valley. It offers spectacular views all over the region. To the north stands Mount Oiz, and to the south, Mount Anboto and the Aramotz mountain range.

Iurreta is made up of the town centre and various outlying rural neighbourhoods. The rural neighbourhoods are organised into guilds.

Iurreta has a very rich historical, architectural and religious heritage. The farmhouses are jewels of civil architecture. Goikola Palace, located in the town square, is also worth mentioning. It is a beautiful building dating from the 17th century, now used as the Town Hall.

There are 10 ancient chapels in Iurreta’s rural neighbourhoods. The Andra Maria de Goiuria Chapel is particularly worth a visit as it contains an impressive 11th century stone loophole window, built in the Mozarabic and pre-Romanesque style.

But the architectural jewel in Iurreta’s crown is, without doubt, the baroque San Miguel Arcángel Parish Church, dating from the 18th century, and its rococo belfry, built during the 19th century.

Iurreta is a very lively and active town. Its streets are always bustling with life and the local townsfolk are very friendly. Throughout the year, the town organises a number of social, sporting and cultural activities. In Iurreta, residents look after and celebrate their traditions and folklore. The local festivities held in each of the neighbourhoods feature many different rural sporting events and traditional Basque dances, such as the Dantzari dantza (or Dancer’s dance).


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