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Garai: Balcony of Bizkaia


A town with a charm all its own

Thanks to its unique location on the slopes of Mount Oiz, Garai offers spectacular views, and it is well worth stopping at one of its picnic areas.


Small town

Garai is located in the middle of the countryside and has many farming areas.

Why not take a stroll around its streets or along the roads that lead to its various farmhouses and enjoy all the tranquilly nature has to offer?

Herriko kaleetatik edo baserriak lotzen dituen bideetan barrena osteratxoa eginez naturak eskaintzen duen lasaitasunaz gozatu ahalko duzu.


Momoitio Cemetery

Momoitio cemetery is the most significant discovery made in recent years in Durangaldea. Researchers believe that both the cemetery and the funerary steles found in it date back to the 9th century.

Next to the San Juan Momoitio Chapel, to which the cemetery belongs, remains of Tromoitio Fort have also been found. Researchers date this construction from around 1,500 AD.


Etxeita Holm Oak

Garai’s most famous holm oak is very large and very old. According to the locals, you can fit a flock of 300 sheep under its canopy!

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