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Surrounded by low hills, Zaldibar is proud of its historical legacy and industrial fabric. This small town shares a border with Gipuzkoa and was one of Bizkaia’s most prominent spa centres during the 19th century.

The farmhouses scattered around its territory make up Zaldibar’s different neighbourhoods. Most are very old and built from limestone and carved wood.

Zaldibar has a very rich artistic and historic heritage. One of its most prominent buildings is San Andrés Church. Originally a Romanesque church built during the 13th century, it also contains gothic elements from the Middle Ages, along with those dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. Another treasure in Zaldibar’s religious heritage is the marvellous 17th century calvary with its stunning stone carvings of the sufferings of Christ.

In terms of civil architecture, the Zaldibar farmhouses are also spectacular and the Zaldua (15th century), Garitaonandia (17th century) and Eitzaga (15th century) house-towers (among others) are also of particular interest.

Zaldibar is a very hospitable place that offers wonderful views, a healthy climate, a good atmosphere and peace and quiet. Its low hills offer amazing views over the Durangaldea mountains, including magical Mount Anboto and spectacular Mount Oiz.

Mountain and hiking enthusiasts will love walking the trails that lead through Zaldibar’s various neighbourhoods; they are a fantastic opportunity to enjoy nature and the surrounding landscape while keeping active. There are a number of short trails that lead through all the neighbourhoods of Zaldibar to Elorrio.


Eitzaga Tower


More points of interest

  • San Andrés Church

  • Eitzaga Tower

  • Zaldua Tower

  • Santa Marina-San Truán trail

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