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Atxondo is the origin of Durangaldea’s rich mythology. The Atxondo Valley is replete with legends and no visitor should go home without first going up to the Arrazola neighbourhood, from where you can climb to the top of the mythical Mount Anboto. The municipality is made up of the Apatamonasterio, Axpe, Martzaa, Xantixa and Arrazola neighbourhoods. This area, and particularly the Arrazola cycling and walking trail, affords some of the best views of Anboto and the Durangaldea mountains. One of the best grill restaurants in the world is located in Atxondo: Asador Etxebarri, run by master chef Bittor Arginzoniz.  The restaurant has a Michelin star.

The Atxondo valley contains many traditional farmhouses scattered around the rural neighbourhoods. Our ancestors built spectacular, robust farmhouses from stone and wood, many of which are still standing today, centuries later. The Ollargan farmhouse in the Arrazola neighbourhood, for example, dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. It is one of the oldest farmhouses still standing in the province of Bizkaia. Another farmhouse worth mentioning is Zearreta, which was built in the baroque style during the 17th century.

Atxondo has a bucolic, almost magical landscape. It is one of the most beautiful valleys in the entire Basque Country, containing archaeological remains, a rich history of myths and legends and tales of feudal wars. It also contains jasper and copper mines, old water mills, magnificent forests, wise shepherds, high mountains and the remains of an old miners’ train.


Arrazola neighbourhood

Axpe neighbourhood

Cycling and walking trail

More points of interest

  • Route to the summit of Mount Anboto

  • ‘Tope’ mining area

  • San Pedro Church (Apatamonasterio)

  • San Martin Church (Martzaa)

  • Arrazola Church (Arrazola)

Further information

Atxondo Local Council

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