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Abadiño is the centre of Durangaldea. The Gerediaga Campa Foral, Muntsaratz House-Tower and Astola House played a fundamental role in the creation and legal establishment of the region. It has always had close ties with the Merindad (or County) of Durango. The main access routes to the Urkiola Sanctuary and Nature Reserve are located in Abadiño, next to the Parketxe or Urkiola Nature Reserve Visitors’ Centre. Abadiño is surrounded by breath-taking vistas and has many quaint neighbourhoods.

In the rural neighbourhoods, you can enjoy and learn more about the environment and way of life of the traditional Basque farmhouses. Abadiño contains some of the most spectacular farmhouses in Bizkaia, enormous constructions built from limestone and wood.

As you wander the streets of Abadiño, you will find many buildings of historic and artistic value. The local restaurants and bars serve both traditional Basque cuisine and exquisite innovative dishes.

The residents of Abadiño are proud of their traditions and folklore. Throughout history, the town has developed a rich set of popular traditions that are showcased during the local festivities and neighbourhood celebrations.

People have lived in Abadiño since prehistoric times. Researchers have found interesting archaeological remains in some of the nearby caves, including Bolinkoba, Oialkoba, Astakoba and Albiztei.


Urkiola Nature Reserve

Gerediaga Campa Foral

Muntsaratz House-Tower

Astola House

More points of interest

  • Atxarte climbing area

  • Larringan Mill

Further information

Abadiño Local Council

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