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Durangaldea, tourism and gastronomy

gastronomia durangaldea

The Durangaldea region of the Basque Country truly has something for everyone. It’s the perfect combination of tradition, mythology, nature, past and present, historic old quarters, culture, adventure, and of course, gastronomy! You can spend just a morning here or make a full day of it, or perhaps stay for several. Visit on your own or with the family, your partner or friends. Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for.


If it’s urban sights you’re after, take a stroll through any town or village in the region. Choose from Abadiño, Amorebieta-Etxano, Atxondo, Berriz, Durango, Elorrio, Ermua, Garai, Iurreta, Izurtza, Mallabia, Mañaria or Zaldibar. Consider taking a guided tour (available in Durango, Elorrio and the Urkiola Natural Park) to learn about the architecture, history and what makes each place special.


If contact with nature or outdoor activities are more your thing, you’re going to love Durangaldea. Immerse yourself in the Urkiola Natural Park and admire its beauty at any time of year.

Most places have trails called vías verdes (“green ways”) and mountain routes of varying length, allowing you to soak up the landscape and get some exercise too.

You can get to know every inch of Durangaldea step by step. But there are other options too. If walking isn’t enough and you need something more, you can travel the trails on horseback or by bike, or you can spend a day as a shepherd, explore deep caves and climb mountains.

zaldi irteerak durangaldea


After a hard day exploring urban streets or going up and down mountains you’re going to need a rest and a delicious snack (or two). Fear not: there are plenty of eateries all across the Durangaldea region where you can enjoy a delicious pintxo and recharge before you continue on. If you need a longer rest and a relaxed sit-down meal, Durangaldea’s restaurant scene won’t disappoint.

Tapas on the bar counter

What you might not know is that Durangaldea has a first-rate gastronomy scene and boasts 3 of the 12 Michelin-starred restaurants in Biscay: Etxebarri (Atxondo), Boroa (Amorebieta-Etxano) and Txispa (Atxondo). The Euskadi Gastronomika network also has a long list of restaurants to choose from.

Michelin izardun durangaldea_Etxebarri erretegia


Every meal should be accompanied by something good to drink. In Durangaldea you can try the local cider and txakoli wine. Enjoy a drink in traditional bars and taverns or visit a sidrería (cider house) or txakoli winery.

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