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Nature Trails around Urkiola



16,7 km


6 and a half hours


level Medium



This beautiful trail links the capital of the Durangaldea region with one of its foremost natural treasures: the Urkiola Nature Reserve. We suggest you start at the top of the Urkiola mountain pass, which you can get to by catching a bus from Durango. After having a look round the sanctuary and enjoying the amazing scenery and surrounding mountains, you will head down along the traditional road from the San Martín chapel to Mañaria, following the red and white GR38 marks (Wine and Fish Trail). Before arriving in Izurtza, the trail leads away from the curb and heads right through the Lexartza and Etxano neighbourhoods. The route takes you into Durango through Tabira, the town’s medieval quarter. Before leaving the old part of town, why not stop and visit the Museum of Art and History?

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Elements of botanical interest

Pollarded beech groves
This outing will take you through several pollarded beech groves, including Errekaundi, Urgozo, Amilla and Santa Lucía de Sagasta. Among the century-old beech trees in the Errekaundi grove, you can see the remains of several ancient charcoal makers’ platforms, which provide some explanation of the trees’ fascinating shapes, since one of the uses made of this grove was the production of wood for making charcoal.

Meadow daffodils
From February to April, when the daffodils come into bloom, the Pagazelaiburu meadows, located between Zabalandi and Pol-Pol at the foot of Mount Anboto, are an amazing sight to behold. Alternatively, the flowers can also be seen at the Aldazital recreational area, not far from the sanctuary. Please enjoy looking at these wonderful flowers, but remember, they are a protected species and should be respected at all times.

One-hundred-year-old chestnut trees around San Martin Chapel
There are several one-hundred-year-old chestnut trees in the area around San Martin Chapel. In addition to their beauty and age, some of these trees are fascinating also for other reasons. For example, one has a large birch tree growing inside it, and another has been broken in half by a large conifer.

San Martin ermitako ehun urtetik gorako gaztainondoak
San Martin ermitaren ondoan, ehun urtetik gorako gaztainondo batzuk daude. Bere itxura eta aintzinekotasunaz gain, gaztainondo hauetako batzuk benetan bitxiak dira: baten barruan urki handi bat hazi da eta beste bat erditik apurtu egin du konifera handi batek.


This small farming neighbourhood contains a number of old holm oaks.

At Pol-Pol spring, if you look around carefully, you will discover the rich botanical diversity this well-watered area has to offer. There are several marshes or small wetland areas. These swampy, amphibious environments are located half way between the water and the land, creating small areas with an extremely rich biodiversity.

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