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A romantic weekend in Durangaldea

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There are few pleasures greater in life than breaking with daily routine and taking a romantic weekend getaway with a partner, and even more so when there’s amazing landscapes to enjoy. If you’re looking for a magical weekend amid spectacular scenery at any time of year, Durangaldea is the place for you.

You have countless options to choose from, and the rural setting and contact with nature are sure to make your stay unforgettable.

Come spend a few days away in nature amid fairytale surroundings.

Saturday morning in nature

Start your weekend with a trip into the countryside. Take a gentle stroll or tackle a tougher climb – the choice is yours. Options include the Urkiola Natural Park, a peaceful morning walk along the Arrazola green way or vía verde or any of the trails around Elorrio that immerse you in the amazing rural landscape that lies beneath the watchful gaze of the gigantic surrounding hills.

Planes en pareja duranguesado

Feeling adventurous? Take any of the paths to the mythical summits of Udalatx or Anboto and enjoy the spectacular views that await at the top.

After your chosen excursion, head to any town or village in Durangaldea for a delicious lunch. Choose from Michelin-starred restaurants or more humble establishments that nonetheless offer top-notch fare.

Gastronomia del Duranguesado

Afternoon of culture

Spend your afternoon exploring any of the historic centres of the region’s towns and villages and discover their rich architectural and culture heritage. Consider a guided visit of Elorrio or Durango to get to know their history and hidden corners and even learn about local mythology. Stop for a rest and refuel in any of the region’s many bars and eateries.

bisita gidatua argiñeta

The choice of cultural activities on offer varies depending on the time of year. There are theatres, cinemas and museums, and specific events such as the Musikaire festival in summer, the local Durango fair in December, the Errebonbilloak military display in October and many more.

After your day out, return to one of the welcoming and elegant hotels, guest houses and country houses in the area to relax and replenish your energies for the next day.

Sunday on horseback

For your Sunday excursion, why not take a horseback ride? The route takes in 12 municipalities in the region and can be tailored to suit your pace and interests. You’ll also head away from the urban environment and into nature with your partner.

Zaldi irteerak durangaldea

Round off your day with a reviving meal and peaceful after-dinner conversation. You might drive to Garai or Landaederra to experience their charming scenery. After feasting your eyes on the landscape and with your soul nourished, you can then round off your romantic getaway as you see fit. You’re sure to return home in good spirits.

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