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It should come as no surprise that Durangaldea has become a top gastronomy destination in recent years. Some of our restaurants are world-famous! We boast 2 of the 11 Michelin-starred restaurants in Biscay. What’s more, haute cuisine and Durangaldea are often talked about together.

1. Etxebarri

Bittor Arginzoniz has brought the most ancestral cooking technique to the highest levels in his grill house, enabling diners to connect with ancient traditions and really enjoy themselves. Arginzoniz makes a living from fire! He has won many awards and attracted several mentions, including a Michelin star in 1972 and once again being named the third best restaurant in the world on The 50 Best list.

Asador Etxebarri is one of the most prized gastronomy destinations in the world. According to the chef, in order to stay true to its essence, he uses different types of wood, fire, coals and fragrant smoke, such that he can only cater to 30 people per sitting.

The grill house is set in a magnificent country house in one of the most beautiful corners of region. The scenery is an unbeatable accompaniment to the culinary experience that awaits.

Photo: Guía Repsol


Location: San Juan plaza, 1 – Axpe auzoa, Atxondo

Contact: 946583042

Web: www.asadoretxebarri.com

2. Boroa

This is a gastronomy paradise immersed in nature with one mission: to ensure the diners have a great time. Boroa’s creativity and unmatched use of local produce attracted a Michelin Star in 2008, and they’ve continued to honour their commitment. The restaurant’s location and its wine cellar raise the eating experience to perfection.

Restaurante Boroa takes pride in how guests are treated and ensures they have the perfect culinary experience. In Boroa, the customer service is just as exquisite as the food.

The restaurant setting, inside a 13th-century country house, is also exquisite, and what comes out of the kitchen is art.

Location: San Pedro de Boroa, 11 – Amorebieta-Etxano

Contact: 946734747

Web: www.boroa.com


Our gastronomy offering doesn’t stop there, since a further six restaurants in our region are part of the Euskadi Gastronómica brand that showcases the Basque Country’s culinary prowess.

Jauregibarria Amorebieta-Etxano
Hard work, creativity, effort and an eagerness to improve are the defining features of Jauregibarria, which takes flavour fusion to the highest levels.

Uxarte Sagardotegia Amorebieta-Etxano
Uxarte is a traditional cider house serving D.O. Euskal Sagardoa cider made with apples from the country house. It serves traditional food, ensuring an all-round authentic experience.

Akebaso Atxondo
This restaurant in a spectacular country house, set amid magical scenery, turns the everyday act of eating into an unforgettable experience.

Kobika Durango
The Kobika team are the descendants of those who founded the restaurant in 1968. Generation after generation has stayed true to Basque gastronomy, bringing together traditional recipes and signature dishes, and the chefs are known for the originality and inventiveness of their creations.

Ikuspegi Iurreta
Ikuspegi creates unbeatable dishes amid spectacular scenery with views over the whole region.

Aboiz Garai
“Traditional cooking with a modern twist” is what you can expect from Aboiz, a restaurant in an old country house set amid idyllic scenery. Think market produce and homemade creations.

If you need something tailored specifically to your needs, the region also has a catering service:

Saltsan Durango
Saltsan is a catering service offering their own range of pre-prepared products and can cater for parties, meetings and other events.

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